Luv N Life Experiences LLC

Kayak Rentals Terms and Conditions

  1. Renter must have valid picture ID or Driver’s License and an authorized credit card and will be required to sign a rental agreement and liability waiver form upon pick up of Kayak.
  2.  Reservations are required we do NOT except walk ups.
  3. Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours prior to reservation with a $10 cancellation fee. Supplies are limited, we book up quickly.
  4. Any cancellation within 48 hours will not be refunded.
  5. Renter must return Kayak on time. If a late return (more than 15 mins) interferes with a confirmed booking and causes that booking to go unfilled, renter will be responsible to pay for that lost booking. Even if it exceeds the cost of a full-day price. If no other reservation is affected, renter will only pay the additional time used up to full-day price.
  6. All Kayak rentals include a Kayak, Paddle, PFD (personal flotation device) and a Safety Whistle. Renter is responsible to return all items undamaged and in useable condition. If lost or stolen, the renter is responsible to pay the replacement cost.

Kayak $280

Paddle $30

PFD $25

Safety Whistle $3

  1. Renter must obey all state and local laws associated with the use of the Kayak.
  2. Renter must be able to lift, load and haul Kayak. (50lbs)
  3. Renter must return Kayak in a reasonably tidy condition, free of trash and personal items. Luv N Life Experiences LLC is not responsible for any personal items.
  4. All hours of operation and prices are subject to change. Any changes will be reflected on the website.